Acute life situations related to the solution of certain legal issues in which the help of a professional is urgently required are in everyone's life. There is no time to search for a specialist, and an answer needs to be received urgently - here and now.

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Ask a lawyer an online question - a formula for successfully resolving any legal issue

Ask a lawyer an online question - a formula for successfully resolving any legal issue

Ask a lawyer an online question - a formula for successfully resolving any legal issue

Acute life situations related to the solution of certain legal issues in which the help of a professional is urgently required are in everyone's life. There is no time to search for a specialist, and an answer needs to be received urgently - here and now. Do you know this too? Ten years ago, the problem seemed insoluble, but now everything has changed, and wherever you are easily and simply, using the Internet, ask a lawyer a question online. Skilled lawyers and lawyers are ready to provide legal services remotely and even without personal communication - just in the process of correspondence. Moreover, online legal advice is in no way inferior to consulting at a personal appointment in a law office or office. It is also of high quality and reliable, but also convenient and, most importantly, as efficient as possible.

Where can I ask a lawyer a question online?
Today, legal services are widely in demand on the Internet. There are various blogs, professional portals and sites that provide the opportunity to receive this kind of information services online. However, when deciding which resource to use, you should pay attention to several important conditions:
the resource must have a positive reputation;
he must be specialized (legal) and professional, the only way he can guarantee the quality of the services provided;
lawyers who carry out their professional activities on a particular resource should be professionals with appropriate documentary evidence of their qualifications (diplomas, certificates, certificates, certificates);
the resource should provide the opportunity to conclude a public offer contract for the provision of services in order to guarantee the fulfillment by the parties of their obligations;
the resource should contain information on the direction and work experience of a lawyer or advocate, his work achievements.
Portal is a professional platform where lawyers from all over the country carry out their activities. The qualifications of specialists who want to work on the portal are preliminarily subjected to deep analysis. The provision of documents (number of diploma, certificate, certificate) confirming the right to practice law, as well as documents on the availability of legal education, is mandatory. In addition, any visitor to the portal who has used the services of a lawyer has the right to leave feedback on joint cooperation. This fact makes the lawyers of the portal strive to provide the highest quality services and maintain their professional authority at a high level.

How to apply questions to lawyers online?
Online legal advice can be obtained in several ways. There are two types of such consultations on portal.
• General consultation. To receive this type of service you need to fill out an application form located on the main page of the site. Your question in this case will not be individual in nature and will be visible to all lawyers and lawyers working on the portal. Any lawyer can answer the question you asked. When filling out the form, you need to indicate the essence of the question you are interested in, your contact details (e-mail address for contacting you) and the fee that you are willing to pay for providing a detailed answer. Note that it is possible to provide advice on a free basis, however, such answers are usually of a general informative nature and are unlikely to be used to solve a serious problem in the bud. Responding to such an appeal is a right, not an obligation, of lawyers.

• Individual consultation. If you want to get advice from a specific lawyer working on the portal, you should go to his page and in the form of "ask a question" - formulate your appeal. Filling out and submitting the form occurs simultaneously with the registration of you on the portal as a User. An agreement on the provision of services with a lawyer of your choice is public (an offer), published on the website and entails certain legal consequences (for more information on fulfilling the terms of the agreement and the procedure for resolving disputes related to their non-fulfillment, see the User’s Rules). Individual online legal advice is provided exclusively for a fee. The cost of the service is negotiated individually and depends on the severity of the problem to be analyzed, the time spent on the consultation, the level of professional qualifications and experience of the specialist you have chosen. Such a consultation is detailed and includes an in-depth analysis of your question.

Online legal advice forms
If you decide to ask a question to lawyers on the site by filling out a general, non-personalized application form, then such consultation is provided briefly in the form of an electronic message to the e-mail indicated by you on the form.
If you have chosen an individual legal advice online, in correspondence with him, you can agree on any of the types of information that are convenient for you:
verbal communication (using the capabilities of Skype, mobile communications, etc.);
in printed form (a detailed response is sent to your email address);
chatting (portal service).
Benefits of getting an online legal advice
It should be noted that online legal advice has a number of undeniable advantages over legal advice received at a personal appointment with a lawyer.

Firstly, to contact an attorney or lawyer online, you only need access to the Internet. This means that you can ask lawyers questions online wherever you are (at home, on vacation, at work, outside the city), from any device with a network connection and the ability to use a browser.

Secondly, the portal provides you with a wide selection of specialists who carry out their professional activities in all regions of the state in the most diverse areas of legal activity. To select a candidate you are interested in, you just need to familiarize yourself with the information about him already collected, verified and posted on the portal.

Thirdly, the portal cooperates only with experienced lawyers and lawyers who have documentary evidence of their professional qualifications.

Fourth, the portal protects you from a possible violation of the terms of fulfillment of obligations under the contract (on the provision of advice) while recognizing the right to enter into an offer contract. Thus, you get full protection in accordance with applicable law in case of failure to fulfill the terms of the contract by a lawyer.

Fifth, paying for a lawyer is easy and simple, also without leaving your home - through online banking.

Well, the most important thing is that an online consultation does not require you to spend extra time looking for a lawyer, making an appointment, going to an office, etc. An online consultation is attractive in that it will help you find a way out even in the most emergency situation, requiring immediate resolution. You can also order online the preparation of the necessary document, the analysis of the contract, and more (you will learn more about the provision of various types of legal assistance online from our next material)

If you have a legal issue, and you are still looking for a suitable specialist - do not waste time in vain, solve the problem today by contacting the specialists of the portal. - always on guard of your rights and interests!