Thanks to the active development of Internet technologies, it has become possible to order any services from a specialist without leaving home or office. Legal activity is no exception.

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Emergency lawyering: Lawyer or attorney online - a professional solution to your problems!

Emergency lawyering: Lawyer or attorney online - a professional solution to your problems!
Thanks to the active development of Internet technologies, it has become possible to order any services from a specialist without leaving home or office. Legal activity is no exception. Now it is not necessary to spend precious time searching for a professional lawyer, combing his hometown street by street or calling friends and acquaintances to recommend a reliable servant of Themis. You do not need to make an appointment in advance with an experienced lawyer or attorney, sit for hours in his office, and, forgetting one of the important documents at home - to postpone the visit. Any legal problem will be solved by an online lawyer or lawyer, whose consultation will successfully fit into your daily schedule, no matter how busy it may be!

Calmly, in no hurry, sitting in your favorite home chair or on vacation abroad, concentrating on the problem you are solving now, you can always get full legal advice online. Moreover, you can order the preparation of the document you need to protect your rights and interests, or a package of documents for any procedure directly online. You can also enter into an agreement to represent your interests in various bodies with an online lawyer or an agreement to provide legal assistance with a lawyer.

As you can see, an online lawyer is no different from a law firm or law firm. At the same time, obtaining legal services online is much more convenient for the client.

The main benefits of using the services of an online lawyer or attorney

1. Online consultation of a lawyer or attorney - a consultation conducted by a specialist with relevant education in the field of law and work experience. Lawyers working on legal portals confirm their status by providing the number of the certificate of the right to practice law, which indicates their inclusion in the Unified Register of Lawyers of Ukraine.
2. Consultation via the Internet can be held at any time convenient for you. This item is especially important for those who have a non-standard working day or floating schedule, as well as people who have a lot of household and other worries (care for an elderly relative, having small children, a large household). An important opportunity to get an emergency consultation at any time of day is for people who find themselves in a difficult life situation, the solution of which can not be postponed (accident, theft, burglary, injury, etc.).
3. Consultation of a lawyer online can be carried out in any way convenient for you: in the mode of personal communication via Skype, in chat, by e-mail, etc.
4. You can get advice from a lawyer or solicitor online, regardless of where you are. You can be at home or in another city, or even in another country. Business trips, vacations and travel have not yet been canceled.
5. Paying for the services of an online lawyer or attorney will also not take you much time. You can use Internet banking, transfers, electronic money.

You should be responsible in choosing the lawyer or attorney whose services you want to use online. In order not to fall victim to fraudsters and pseudo-lawyers, it is necessary to use authoritative and recognized legal resources. These can be the official websites of lawyers, their associations, law firms and companies, legal aid centers. However, the most convenient service for selecting the necessary specialist is a legal portal.

The portal not only cooperates with qualified lawyers and attorneys from all over the country, but also creates the most convenient and comfortable conditions for potential clients to interact with them.
How to find the right lawyer or attorney online using the portal

For the convenience of finding and facilitating the selection of a lawyer or attorney online on the portal there is a search bar that allows you to select a specialist for the parameters and criteria that meet your requirements. The selection criteria include:
1. Specialization. We all know that there are no universal soldiers. In medicine, there are different areas of practice - pediatrics, cardiology, surgery, oncology, etc. In jurisprudence, the work of lawyers is carried out similarly. In some areas of law, the specialist may be stronger, in some less knowledgeable, and some not at all. Depending on the question you are interested in, on the main page of you can choose the category of lawyers who specialize in the field of law (for example, consumer rights or licensing), within which your question is located.
2. Region. The selection of a specialist in the region facilitates the task in case there is a need for personal representation by a lawyer or lawyer of your interests in various government agencies. In addition, the regional affiliation of the lawyer will allow him to better understand and most effectively assist you in resolving the issue, taking into account the specifics of the organization of enterprises and government agencies, as well as the judiciary in the region.
3. Qualification level. Using the search bar, you can find in your chosen specialization specialists of the levels "lawyer", "lawyer" or "intern" (young specialist). This selection criterion is very important, because in some issues you may need only a certified lawyer who has the appropriate certificate, and for other online legal advice enough legal experience in general, while in some issues can help an intern. However, it should be borne in mind that the level of qualification of the specialist depends on the level of payment for his activities. The higher the qualification level and the wider the practical experience - the higher the fee.
4. Internship. If your question belongs to the category of complex issues that require in-depth legal analysis and thorough experience in solving such problems, you are unlikely to want to entrust it to a graduate, even from a leading law school. Conversely, if the issue you are interested in requires only clarification in terms of the law or a simple contract, the help of a lawyer or trainee will be more convenient for you both in terms of time (low employment of trainees) and in terms of costs (lower fee).
5. Language of communication and mastery of translation skills of specialized documentation. This option will help you find the candidate with whom you will find it easier to communicate in your native language. In addition, this information will help you find a specialist to address the issue in which, in addition to legal knowledge, you should have knowledge of foreign languages ​​to read documents in the original language, international agreements, negotiations with foreign partners.
6. Always online. For those who need an urgent consultation of a lawyer online, the legal portal has provided the opportunity to display a list of only those lawyers or attorneys who not only meet the search parameters, but are currently online, online, and ready urgently help you.
7. Specific specialist. On our portal you can find a specific lawyer or attorney. The database contains more than 1,300 names of lawyers and attorneys, as well as young professionals from all over Ukraine.

Lawyer or lawyer online on - the best offer on the market of online legal services

In the absence of the opportunity to personally verify the qualifications of a lawyer or attorney who provides services online, potential clients are interested in using only quality and proven online legal services. It is this opportunity that the legal portal provides to its users! After all, only professionals work on our platform. The presence of special education, as well as the fixing of the numbers of diplomas, certificates and certificates confirming qualifications, is a prerequisite for registration and professional activity on our portal.
Before ordering the services of an online lawyer or attorney on, you get a unique opportunity to pre-read information about his activities (experience, work experience, qualifications, age, rating on the portal, real customer reviews), to communicate in person with specialist and find out all your questions about his activities.
Communication with a lawyer is possible in a chat (portal service), via e-mails, filling out a special form, as well as other ways available for communication (on the procedure for providing legal advice online, ways to interact with a lawyer / attorney, and to pay for his services you can learn more from our next article).
At they take care of every client! Contact and personally see the effectiveness of the help of a lawyer online!