The emergence of certain legal issues or problems is far from rare in our time, and since not everyone has legal education, the only right solution in a difficult situation is to seek the help of an experienced lawyer.

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Online legal advice: what issues need to be resolved online?

Online legal advice: what issues need to be resolved online?

Online legal advice: what issues need to be resolved online?

The emergence of certain legal issues or problems is far from rare in our time, and since not everyone has legal education, the only right solution in a difficult situation is to seek the help of an experienced lawyer. Obtaining an inheritance, making a transaction, finding a job, divorcing - all these situations require, if not the personal participation of a lawyer, then at least a qualified legal clarification. However, the modern pace of life, at times, makes it impossible to set aside time to visit a lawyer's office. The busy work schedule, frequent and lengthy business trips, caring for the family, household chores cannot be postponed “until later”. And the legal consultation itself is unlikely to take less than an hour or two of your time, and this is not so little for a busy person. But there is a way! Legal advice online gives you the opportunity to get comprehensive legal information about any question you are interested in at any time convenient for you, sitting at the monitor screen. A qualified lawyer or attorney will not only provide online advice on the question you have asked, but will also conduct an in-depth analysis of legal and other documents, help in drawing up the necessary complaints, statements, appeals.

Online legal advice can be provided in several ways:
• through personal visual and / or sound remote contact (communication with a lawyer via Skype);
• through the use of chat (a service provided by the site);
• by filling in the appropriate form on the website, in which you state the essence of the question you are interested in, and receive the answer to it in a chat or to your email address;
• using electronic messages (e-mail).

The method you have chosen to receive online advice from a lawyer or attorney does not affect the completeness, correctness and effectiveness of the information received. Moreover, in the online mode you have the opportunity to order and written execution of the answer to your questions. The answer can be sent to you by mail (using communication services) or by e-mail in the form of a Word document. The difference with an in-person meeting with a lawyer is only in saving the client’s time and its convenience.

Online legal advice in Ukraine is a rather new service and, like everything new, it causes some concern among citizens. On the one hand, the fear is understandable and justified, because without seeing a lawyer or a lawyer it is difficult to evaluate him personally as a person and to believe in the accuracy of the information provided by him about education, length of service and experience, in his professionalism. As a result, I don’t want to devote to my problems and, especially, ask for qualified advice from a lawyer whom you do not trust. However, fraud on the part of pseudo-online lawyers can be avoided. To do this, to obtain legal advice online, you should turn to authoritative and verified resources: the official websites of lawyers and lawyer associations, online Legal Aid Centers, legal portals. Ask the lawyer whose online services you intend to use, provide you with a photocopy of your education certificate and certificate of the right to practice law. By the number of the attorney’s certificate provided to you for viewing on the Internet - on the website of the National Association of Lawyers of Ukraine - you can find out if you have true information about the lawyer and whether he is listed in the Unified Register of Lawyers.

What are the benefits of online legal advice?
An online consultation is provided by a qualified lawyer or attorney and is not different in content from the consultation provided by a lawyer in person.
Choosing a lawyer or lawyer whose consultation you would like to receive via the Internet is much easier than finding an experienced lawyer in real life. Relatives, friends and colleagues can not always advise an experienced specialist, running around the city in search of a worthy applicant is difficult and laborious, and resorting to the services of the first lawyer that comes across is reckless. For example, on the legal portal you have the opportunity to see the real picture of the work of a lawyer or attorney: the number of consultations provided to them, rating, reviews about work. On the websites of lawyers, legal campaigns and help centers you can also find useful information about their activities.
Legal advice online is a great way to save your time. To get such a consultation, you only need to have a computer and access to the Internet.
Getting advice from a lawyer or lawyer via the Internet does not depend on where you are. Even if you are on a business trip abroad, this service is available to you.
An online appeal to a lawyer or attorney is an opportunity to receive qualified assistance in an urgent emergency.

Online fees
Payment for the services of an online lawyer is carried out using electronic services. Payment for the online consultation of a lawyer or attorney occurs, as a rule, through electronic means of payment - Internet banking, transfers, electronic money. It can be carried out both before and after receiving a consultation. It depends on the personal requirements of the lawyer or the rules for using the site. The specialist determines the fees for his online services independently. This right of a lawyer is enshrined in the Law of Ukraine "On the Bar and Advocacy" dated 05.07.2012. The amount of the fee can take into account various factors: the complexity of the issue to be resolved, the time spent on its resolution, the provision of additional services (preparation of documents, legal assessment of documents) and other circumstances. However, many online lawyers and lawyers, as well as their office colleagues, have a fixed cost for the advice they provide. On average, the fee for online legal advice today is up to 200 hryvnia. Nevertheless, the issue of paying for the services of a lawyer or attorney online should be discussed with him individually and in advance.

Summing up, we note that the accuracy and efficiency of legal advice provided online has already been confirmed in thousands of successfully resolved legal issues. You should not be afraid of a new level of development of legal services, because it will not only save you time, but also help to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problem. As we saw, online consultation is in no way inferior to personal consultation, however, resorting to the services of online lawyers, you should still remember the specifics of their work, preliminarily stipulating all the essential conditions for cooperation. (About how the work of an online lawyer is carried out, what its specificity consists of, you can learn from our next material).

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